Iron & Wine - He Lays In The Reigns - Newly added. A very unique-sounding, and emotional song by Iron and Wine I used to love, I hope you like, too.

How To Get Over A Broken Heart by Ben Lee. A very good song about endings, or stopping bad feelings from a distance, I think. I keep re-doing it every now and then, at least for myself. It's like grunge acoustical rock, I think. I think. .... I think. ..

Nirvana - Polly (Acoustic) - A rare version of this, I auto-tuned, and mixed a little further.

Ho Hey (a lot like the original version)

... you can't abuse that one note, by the :way:

Iron & Wine - The Trapeze Swinger - One of the older, more original versions of this song. I remember this one the most. (Same production)

Campfire Girls - Tragic End.mp3 (192 bitrate) / Tragic End.wav (.WAV file version : 200 mb

The difference in wave files, that are typically a little larger than the usual mp3 files is the high frequencies. Though they used to stay saying that the 'stripped down sounds' of the mp3's was fine, I think I've always felt more happy and positive with more high frequencies. Also, you "need" to hear them, to keep your own hearing spectrum and hearing range making sense if you want to be a good engineer, so I am giving out both versions for this reason.

I really don't know who, or how, or why some random rare artists can make such beautiful songs, and be overlooked, but I always loved this song by the C.Fire Girls (Tragic End). You might call it sad, but I think a song like this when it sounds right is pretty beautiful and nice to hear.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Snow" - High Quality Version.

Uploaded some new songs lately. Trying to get stuff that is not hard on the ears, well-produced, and has a bit of a live-sounding quality.

There really was not meant to be any noise in the original Snow mix, and I did a better job than industry producers, I think.

"CALLmeKAT" - Fall Down - A complete CD by a mysterious girl I know nothing of. I think she might be Kat Dennings. It's pretty good. Free download ..

Dreamsong.mp3 - song by Ben Gibbard, from his CD Former Lives. A slightly reproduced version. I always "found this song quite interesting." It sports a heavy G. It goes good with night-lights, and dual-sado-masochistic torture techniques.

The Stars Just Blink For Us - A nice, natural sounding version of the Say Hi song, by an unknown female singer.

Take A Look Around - by Limp Bizkit. Reproduced / Re-edited. High quality vers.

I am trying to start a new account on soundcloud for production. (A producer account). I also hope to start a new website, or two, devoted to the expression of production itself. I have a new tuning theory, and I have a way to balance out tracks sounds pretty well, and my mastering techniques are honestly religious, to a degree, and I master songs with the help of God. I honestly recited, many times, and memorized a "power prayer" known as the Ana Bekoach (the 42-letter name of God {actually 72}) and I use this prayer to make my songs louder.

The prayer also has the healing power to fix machines, peoples bodies, and heal the entire planet. As a part to this, a general scheme I also follow through with, in spite of how tragic it seems, is to sacrifice my own name, reputation, and "love" as well as emotions, to work as both a warrior-healer, and essentially healer, in myself. Because I have personally judicated some of you with the energy you so abuse, I will be continuing to share my research, and with the new "influenced army" of honest souls, I think I can easily teach anyone to fight the way I do.


.. And I Have Not Been To Paradise by Zoe Poledouris- A song from the post-graduation party in the movie, "Starship Troopers." By Zoe Poledouris.

"Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand."

Set Down Your Glass by Snow Patrol, I remastered this with a similar master template as the Elliott Smith track. I think it sounds like a powerful acoustic track. :)

Took down a song of mine, the bass has to be checked .. was kind'f getting back in to music at the time.

I like the live versions of this, and created a Between The Bars - Elliott Smith (produced by Brendan S) version of this today.

I agree with anyone if they say I've had some bad quality music in the past or still.
I actually stopped making music, and started, and stopped, so my quality might be nearing perfection almost always, yet I hope to get it right some day.

This Is The Last Time - A fast version of this I made, that has more vocals and re-tuning. (I added my vocals, also, like Puff Daddy ..!) ...

This song is mystical, and sounds Beatles'ish, like from an old soul, while I myself rarely meet a lot of these people,
I one night quickly recorded, Wonderwall (Matrix Version) I made, this as a plea for more love from the song for me to hear. -brendan
(I really liked the National documentary, about what it's like for rock singers, and their families back at home, called Mistaken For Strangers, also, that movie was really good). :]

I recommend it to anyone

A more better feeling version of this, so your heart is strong, Cat Power - Wonderwall.mp3

I worked at an ice-cream shop once, and next door was also a t-shirt store, and this song used to play on the "World Music" mix CD the store was paid to play, and I liked it a lot. I ripped it, and brought it home, and here is a song I like, that I don't know the title of, but it's on a Putumayo CD (world Music) and is probably findable on Amazon. Have fun. :)

In My Eyes.mp3 - One of my old songs I re-mastered today, I hope you like it

MF Doom - Hang Em High - A song by the rapper/hip-hop artist MF Doom, one of my favorites from back in the 2012 days. I used to rock this on the public bus / Bar Harbor shuttle .. it was given to me by a dude named C. I also smoked a lot of blunts back in college with every football player in school.

ON - First Concert In Seattle

An artist named Ken Andrews original/single-act solo band known as "ON"'s first concert in Seattle, I reproduced a while back. -- Who I "really" don't know personally, though who I've felt entangled with at times -- through the media, for years .. Seen twice live, though never met, also. Hope it sounds good.

Uploaded my meditations (audio meditations) and instrumentals here. (For my SUN). To be shiny as the sun can be shining.

I will make a more official spot for them soon. (Some might be repeats, and I tried to sneak in a few extra ones from over the years). Order was random.

Robb Highland & Brendan S - "Taking It" - A hip-hop song I collaborated with someone on last year (my cousin) Michael.

Stara Zagora - Dust-Bin Parade.mp3 - An old song from a band called Stara Zagora.

I definitely am involved in some of the production of other music sometimes, somehow, in mysterious ways.

Not always interested in sharing everything.

Keep it real, rite now ..... thanks for listening to what I do share.
Metro - I Am The Center.mp3 - And no, I don't know who the band "World Trade Center" is, but this mp3 was downloaded because it was offered for free, and I originally got it from a website that had it for download for free ..

T.S.O.L. - Black Magic - An old 80s punk classic rock song from the band/chemical sounds of T.S.O.L. It's called Black Magic.

Space Girl v2 - Original song I put a lot of loving work in to the making of, because I was so enlightened by how positive the first version of the song sounded a long time ago. I'm one of the rare people who've made multiple songs for multiple girlfriends, and sometimes "with" some of my female friends, starting with my first "actual" girlfriend Rumi, a japanese girl. I think she inspired this song. (v2). by Brendan S.

SMG - Bullet TO Spare - and the song Don't Call It Mine (which is my personal favorite), but they are songs by the dreaded and all powerful SMG-God, otherwise known as "God #2." He's busy these days with new engineering techniques, so I thought I'd post his best two songs myself. (They are from one of his last CD's on an EP entitled Machine 5.5)

I don't talk about my life much anymore, and I don't try to relate with or get to know so many people, who I've known in the past, or present, with the present hatred as well as resident-over-loving of idolized people in an internet culture, but I know from what friends I've had, and the girlfriends I usd to know, that I remember none of them really seemed to understand the pain I've felt and experienced in life. For those who actually know what pain feels like, or even "is" what it once was, or becomes, once it changes, once either the pain changes you, or you have changed the pain itself, this is a pretty rare song by Heather Nova called "Ride" that somehow mixed/ripped with another song at the same time called "Beautiful Storm" and I just left them together, and uploaded them both. It actually seemed to have only caught the end, in a very mysterious effect of the two songs combined..

Heather Nova - Ride and Beautiful Storm Intro.mp3

Light As A Feather by Jesse Harris - Lighten up with this classic early millennium hit that used to play on Pandora all day long, back in the day.. Light As A Feather.

Through The wounds We Soon Will Stitch (Remastered).mp3 - A Whisper In The Noise song I remastered/reproduced today out of interest, because I love the sound of this song, and I like it so much, I thought I'd personally reproduce the sound quality. Keep it real..

Vance Joy - From Afar (Instagram Recording) - Captured this from Instagram while Vance Joy was live, from the first week of all this forced reclusiveness we've been going through.. I think it has a good emotional effect, and the feeling went through well on this one.

Stay happy. More cute smiles, please. No forced country songs or bad radio hosts, ever.


In The Glow by Angus & Julia Stone. A remix/redux of this song -- slightly different-sounding, with different quality, and levels and production. Listen closely to focus on this one enough to hear the actual words to the song. I mentioned the name of a girl recently who's been ruining my life merely because of "karma" alone, and how she judges my very face for an awe-inspiringly sad hatred for the relationship I have to weed and marijuana, at the dispensary where I buy it at. I like this song, and due to the fact I actually smoke weed to enhance myself, and become better, I also wanted to make this song better, but I see nothing in the words or lyrics of "hers" or anyone like her, to say, whoever she is, or whatever her name is, or for whatever reason why she doesn't want me to be popular or in the glow of the love of the world: I keep on making music of my own, also, anyway.

I uploaded a better version of the song "Wild Mountain Thyme" today. It's the original from the CD I had at work, back when I worked at a clothing store in Bar Harbor, they had on a global music / world music CD. Give it a listen, now, so you can smile all day.

Throughout the years, I've had rare tracks from original demo's by certain artists, collaborations and meeting with individual artists and producers through unique circumstances, and through the events of all of this, I ended up with a song by God Lives Underwater (David Reilly) who, before he left the world behind, later in life took his own life recorded a version of the Simple Minds song "Don't You Forget About Me" and I was one of the rare, or only people/persons to whom I know of who had a copy of the song. He somehow managed to let it get onto social media, and I downloaded a copy of it just about 15 years ago, or maybe longer, and found it on a CD I had already titled, back when I was cleaning my studio last summer, the third track on an old CD I had already decidedly titled "Songs That Survived" and uploaded it today..

David Reilly - Don't You (Forget About Me).mp3

Earlimart - Heaven Adores You - This is a mood-boosting song, post-failure blues, and getting back up -- because some people are not as respected as others, we have been forced to live harder lives than the general masses of people in our countries. Due to our faces, our genes, and our souls we are discriminated against, and hated by the "own country" we love, and know, in spite of our own respect for the place we love and serve. I used to listen to this song back when I worked at the Criterion theater in Bar Harbor.. Maine has a lot of old-style places in its culture, and a lot of weird old antique-style buldings and habitats for life. The manager wished death upon me in a verbal threat on the same bus I used to ride home, years later, and I no longer work there today, for whatever mysterious reason he's chosen to hate me for. In 'spite' of the tyrants in my town, this song rhymes with my name, and I think Earlimart gets me, at least.

I want to put these in sections soon, I plan to when I am more interested in reaching out to certain artists either mentally, 'actually' or just through the media alone. I only want to share stuff that is meant to be shared, in the concept of music that would help people (and myself).

Piece By Piece.mp3 This is a really positive-sounding production of the song "Piece By Piece" by Feeder I just reproduced today, I think sounds really cool..

A website with hundreds, and some day thousands of songs you don't have (yet). Format is mp3.

(hosted by Brendan S)

This is a new site.

Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City - I've listened to this song since college.

Tupac & Biggy Smalls & Johnny Cash - Hurt (No Comin' Back Version) - Reproduced version of this cool mix I found on Youtube. (Better version). Produced by Brendan S

The Verve Pipe - The Freshmen - I re-tuned and reproduced this quickly last night without thinking about it. I really hope it's okay to post this. (Click the song title to listen or save).

Check it out: 3 new songs.

Keltic Elektrik - Wild Mountain Thyme - Classic Summer Blues by a bohemian style band from somewhere not in the terrible America's.

Sparkely V - Knower.mp3 - A band I've loved listening to quietly for years. One of their cooler songs.

Sparkely V - Sarah G - A love song from Sparkely V.

Sparkely V is now findable on Soundcloud I just noticed. :) :)

New Song Added: "Downtown" by Sister Machine Gun. It always used to be one of my favorites by SMG. I think it's got a cool sound.

You're So Dear To Me - Right Click / Save.
I've had this song for a while, I used to listen to in a community house I hung out with a lot of my original friends in Bar Harbor. I heard it on an original independent studio CD from some project-based artists, devoting their time to the resources and money for strictly and solely the purpose of making CD's alone, in a studio somewhere in Michigan (the girl who gave me the CD told me) -- they're called Breathe OWL Breathe, and the song is, "You're So Dear To Me." it's a .wav file.

Brendan S - Riptide by Vance Joy [cover]
- Reproduced today, for volume, original tuning effect, and emotional effect I hope..
while I work on everything.

What I have found right now:

Noisex - Liars.mp3 - A classic electronic-sounding song, that'll scare the living daylights out of you. I've had this song for a long time, and it just seems to have a powerful effect. I think it's about technology and silicon valley, and the underground scenes.

"Eye Kandy" is a rare, lost New York Industrial rock band starring a young asian singer, who I followed a lot in the nineties, and in spite of their breaking up before they ever became a band, I listened to their CD DreamKillDream throughout high school in the nineties, and managed to save a copy and a lot of their work today.

The song "Dreamkiller" has always had a powerful effect on me. I dug it up after almost ten years, the last time I "heard it again." Eye Kandy - Dreamkiller.mp3 - This song is actually called "Erasing The Past" I remember, from a recent recollection after so long. The original singer was a short dude of asian descent named Kaliss I think, and I "think" I "in a sense" viewed/imagined he works in an office building now, and has been kind of in the shadows for the past few years, like I was once.. I hope you're doing good, if that's the true image I saw.

I put four of their songs, with Dreamkiller as the first song on a new "debut" tribute CD to Eye Kandy, featuring some of their rare early tracks I was also able to save and hold on to, so I could make it after all these years..

DreamKillDream EP - (zip file)

The Dreamkiller / Erasing The Past EP - (zip file)

(right click and save)








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